Legal Translation


When faced with choosing a translation company, it is important to evaluate whether said company’s team has professionals that are skilled in the legal field and can guarantee a translation that is true to the original and contextually accurate.

Our team’s legal translator, responsible for these services, has worked as an interpreter in court hearings, a function which demands real time flexibility and skills. This expert legal translator has been working exclusively with our company for many years and regularly translates legal documents and other materials.

Legal text, by its very nature, demands a specialized treatment and an experienced translator.

Legal documents have legal value and must be translated thoroughly and with accuracy. The translator in charge of the legal translation should not only possess a specialized knowledge on the topic itself, but also in applying the correct legal terminology. Otherwise, the context of the original text may be adulterated and lead to legal consequences.

Technical Resources to Support Legal Translation

We believe that even the most skilled translator needs support tools, so we’ve created specific glossaries for this area, which are constantly updated, as well as technical legal translation memories. We can use these tools exclusively, or in conjunction with reference materials provided by the client, if necessary.

The following is a summary of the legal materials we regularly translate. This is not an exhaustive list; therefore, you should contact us if you require a legal translation document not listed below:

  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Translation of criminal proceedings
  • Translation of reports/minutes
  • Translation of certificates

I need a certified translation. Should I ask for a legal translation?

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