Translation is the art of transforming content created in a source language into other target languages, while preserving the ideas, concepts, and intentions of the original content.

There are several types of translation and each one has a set of needs, which can be so specific that it requires specialized translators. This is the case with legal translation, which contains technical language that must be correct and accurate to avoid ambiguity in the text’s understanding.

On the other hand, more creative translations require translators with the ability to transfer intentions and concepts from one language to another, adapting content to the target audience from a linguistic and cultural perspective.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of working on projects for various professional fields. Thanks to our customers, we have specialized in certain areas such as, websites and blogs, books and tales, technical documents/materials, fitness and well-being, sustainability and ecology, spirituality, and more (on the About Us page, we explore each of these areas a little more).

What Are the Advantages of Working with Us?

At our translation boutique, our experience has brought us valuable learning that’s mirrored in our current model, which consistently generates quality results. We highlight the main features of our formula for success below:

Small and cohesive internal team: This allows us to provide each customer and project with a custom-made service, also preventing linguistic dispersion during the work stages, which often occurs in larger companies.

Selected network of trusted external collaborators: We only work with professionals we trust, that have proven their quality over the years, to support us in projects with highly specific features.

Free and non-binding quotes: We are transparent about each step, guiding the customer to the best option according to his or her vision and need. These consultations are non-binding, so you can feel completely confident in your decision.

Complete solution: All our Standard Translations go through three stages—translation, proofreading and re-reading (final quality assurance)—reducing the costs of independent hiring by the customer, and ensuring a quality result at competitive prices.

Draft Translations: These translations are carried out on a shorter time frame than our full three-stage process, appropriate, for example, for internal documents that are not meant for external distribution, budgetary documents, business emails, news articles, etc. In short, preliminary translations are ideal when you need to understand the gist of a document but cannot spend the same budget that you would normally allocate to a major communication or proposal. Draft-quality translations are translated by a qualified translator but not subject to the proofreading or quality assurance stages of our standard process.

Translation Boutique: We operate as an intimate group of dedicated individuals that will put your vision at the forefront. We value your trust and we promise to deliver exactly what you’re looking for. Our team is skilled, but we’re also friendly and excited to have the opportunity to work with you.

Retainers: We also offer retainers for regular customers (contact us for our availability!)

Absolute confidentiality: The members of our internal team, as well as our external collaborators, are bound by a Confidentiality Agreement that guarantees the protection of your project’s contents before, during, and after the execution of our services.

Want to know more about us and our approach?

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