Create your Own Transcreation Brief

What do we want from the customer?

The brief consists of the most relevant information about the work a translation or transcreation professional has in hand, what the customer expects from their services, and the intended result.

To provide a good transcreation service, obtaining this information before we start is key.

First, you must provide us with any reference materials you have that are relevant, and that allow us to learn more about your product/brand/service/company.

If you have a website or are present in any way on social media, you must provide us with the links.

It is essential to have access to any graphic/visual materials (if any), as they allow us to create a better mental picture of the whole concept around your product/brand/service/company, and this is the key to the transcreation process.

The transcreation brief consists of answering the following questions:

  • Broadly characterize your target audience: age, gender, purchasing habits, lifestyle; interest in technology, trend following, travelling.
  • What do you want to achieve with this transcreation? What response would you like to elicit in the target audience?
  • How would you explain the advantages of your product to a lead? What sets you apart from the competition?
  • Briefly characterize your main Identify them, if possible.
  • What TOV (tone of voice) do you think is most appropriate for your campaign/slogan/communication/post?
  • In what media will the transcript be used? (TV, printed media, social media, or other)
  • What action do you want to trigger in your audience? (For example, do you want them to buy the product, click on an online link, or attend a certain event?)
  • In the case of website translation/transcreation, are there SEO keywords that we need to include in the target text? Are there any forbidden words?
  • Does the source copy have any specific terminology, slang, jargon, or wordplay that you should clarify before we begin?
  • Are there any restrictions on size/spacing/length? And what is the final format of the work to be delivered as? (.pdf, .doc, .excel, other)

If you believe this is the ideal service to meet your needs, start by answering these simple questions and contact us! No obligation.

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